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Modelling poultry markets in Eastern and Southern Africa

In per capita terms, poultry consumption in Sub Saharan Africa remains low. Expectations are that poultry will be at the forefront as income grows to enable greater dietary diversity. To understand the possible extent of growth, as well as the possibilities to expand domestic production to supply it, this report considers demand preferences for poultry

Vegetable oils expose hitches in farming localisation policy

Ferdi Meyer and Tracy Davids wrote an opinion piece unpacking the opportunities and limits of import replacement for South African veggie oils.   Read the full brief here and a shortened version that appeared in the Business Day here.   For enquiries, please contact Ferdi Meyer ( or Tracy Davids (

Perspectives on Agriculture’s GDP performance in Q2 2021

South Africa’s seasonally adjusted GDP increased by 1.2% in the second quarter of 2021, with agriculture growing by 6.2% on the same basis. However, a direct comparison of Q2 2021 to Q2 2020, in real terms, reflects growth of 15.9% – exceptional performance in a weak economic environment. The star performer was the field crop

Quantification of the South African Pork Value Chain: Phase 1

South Africa’s pork industry is small, but possesses immense growth potential. Relative affordability makes the product appealing and the industry ought to be able to contribute meaningfully to food security. South Africa’s pork consumption is low compared to global norms, but products seem to be gaining popularity locally, and are starting to appeal to a broader

Perspectives on Agriculture’s GDP performance in Q1 2021

South Africa’s seasonally adjusted and annualised GDP increased by 4.6% in the first quarter of 2021, but agriculture, which was the star performer in 2020, contracted by 3.2% on a seasonally adjusted and annualised basis. However, a direct comparison of Q1 2021 to Q1 2020, in real terms, reflects growth of 7.5%. This follows strong

Perspectives on Agriculture’s GDP performance in 2020

The national economy saw a record annual decline of -7%, the biggest contraction since at least 1946. By contrast, the agriculture sector realised an annual real GDP growth of 13.1%, which was the only sector, apart from government services, that saw any expansion.    Click here to read more

Sunflower Quality Report

BFAP has undertaken a study, funded by the Oilseeds Advisory Committee (OAC) to provide a deeper understanding of the key drivers affecting sunflower seed quality, the impact of varying (lower) oil content on the industry, and potential interventions to achieve an upgraded state of the value chain.  Download the Full Report.   In the September 2020 Edition

Reflections on Mechanization Trends in Africa

This piece documents discussions on recent trends on mechanization in Africa held at a workshop session on agro-industrial transformation as a driver for employment generation, food security and rural development in Africa which took place at the 6th African Conference of Agricultural Economists in Abuja, Nigeria in September 2019.    Read more.

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