Results showing for: Inclusive agriculture transformation

Africa Agricultural Status Report 2019

BFAP researchers in collaboration with various colleagues recently published a chapter in AGRA’s Africa Agricultural Status Report 2019, entitled “Avoid Hitting the Wall by Leveraging Investments of Midstream Heroes in African Food Value Chains.” This chapter leverages market analyses and value chain work that BFAP has been doing for many years on the African continent.  

Broiler production in South Africa: Is there space for smallholders in the commercial chicken coup?

It is agreed that agriculture provides avenues for impoverished households to produce and trade their way out of poverty.However, this requires market access and value chain integration of small-scale farmers. This paper explores the possibilities forintegration of small-scale farmers into the mainstream commercial broiler value chain in South Africa. Production costs of small-scaleproducers are evaluated within the context

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