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BFAP Baseline 2022

Access the Baseline 2022 publication through the BFAP Baseline Site. Click Here to download

Food Inflation Brief – September 2022

Year-on-year inflation on Food and Non-alcoholic beverages gained significant further momentum in September 2022, with a 0.5% increase from August 2022. As in previous months, food inflation was mainly driven by price increases in grain-based foods followed by meat. Download here to read the full brief. 

BFAP Baseline 2018

AGRICULTURAL OUTLOOK 2018 -2027  THE 2018 EDITION of the BFAP South African Baseline presents an outlook of agricultural production, consumption, prices, and trade in South Africa for the period 2018 to 2027 within the context of the current uncertainty regarding land reform policies. The information presented is based on assumptions about a range of economic,

BFAP Baseline 2017

AGRICULTURAL OUTLOOK 2017 -2026 Managing Agriculture’s Footprint in an Uncertain Environment Download the BFAP 2017 Baseline

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