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Production Potential for Soybeans and Maize in the Eastern Cape

The Eastern Cape was mentioned in the National Development Plan as a region “with untapped potential” however, there are a number of factors that limit this potential. These include physical characteristics (soil depth and quality (pH, soil nutrients), topology and degradation) as well as land use/competition dynamics. It was found, based on the area and

Measuring the competitive performance of the South African stone fruit industry

The aim of the study is to enquire about the global competitive performance of the South African stone fruit industry for the period 1961 – 2012. A five-step analytical framework was applied, using approaches by Balassa (revealed comparative advantage, RCA), Vollrath(relative trade advantage, RTA) and the Porter Diamond Model, together with statistical methods such as cluster analyses, principle

Agri Leaders

THE PEOPLE THAT MAKE AGRI INVESTMENT HAPPEN  Humanity faces some tough challenges in the 21st century. By 2050, we’ll reach ‘peak population’ with more than 9 billion people. That’s a quarter more mouths to feed with ever scarcer resources. We’ll be much older on average, which means that ageing nations in the Americas, Asia and

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