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Competitiveness of Local Grain and Oilseeds Industries on the Global Market

DR DIRK STRYDOM, DIVAN VAN DER WESTHUIZEN  Globalisation is becoming more of a reality, not only in the industrial sector, but also closer to home in the agricultural industry. It can be seen in the consolidation of input suppliers and the effect of international prices on local ones.    Download here to read the full article. 

Palm oil

A POSSIBLE HEALTH AND ENVIRONMENTAL DILEMMA  New findings in health research are a primary driver in the change of nutritional content of composite foods, cooking methods, and nutrient additions. Numerous examples from the last 20 years demonstrate the symbiotic relationship between science and the food industry including a reduction of saturated fats in foods.  

Agri Leaders

THE PEOPLE THAT MAKE AGRI INVESTMENT HAPPEN  Humanity faces some tough challenges in the 21st century. By 2050, we’ll reach ‘peak population’ with more than 9 billion people. That’s a quarter more mouths to feed with ever scarcer resources. We’ll be much older on average, which means that ageing nations in the Americas, Asia and

The Benefits of Using Certified, Virus-tested, True-to-type Plant Material

Apple and pear trees are prone to infection with a range of viruses, of which the most important in South Africa are Apple mosaic virus (ApMV) and Apple chlorotic leaf spot virus (ACLSV). Both viruses can exist in trees for long periods without showing visible symptoms, i.e., they are latent (especially ACLSV). Visible symptoms of

Competitiveness of South African Broiler Production

The industry is central to food security, as it provides the most affordable source of animal protein to South African consumers. Since 2010, however, more than half of the growth in chicken consumption has been supplied through imported products. From 2010 to 2015, imports increased by more than 90% from 240 000 to 457 000

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