Results showing for: Food affordability

Food Inflation in 2019 Q4 and beyond

Benign food inflation, as experienced in early 2019, seems to gaining momentum on the back of higher commodity prices and a weaker exchange rate. These factors are also expected to support inflationary trends going into the new year. Read more.

Food Inflation Outlook – Feb 2019

BFAP explores key factors expected to shape South Africa’s food inflation over the next 3 months and the cost of healthy eating. Read More.

Food Inflation in South Africa – 2018 Q3

WHAT CAN WE EXPECT OVER THE NEXT THREE MONTHS?  With rapid exchange rate depreciation and an uncertain political climate in South Africa, BFAP explores food price trends over the next three months. Read more

Palm oil

A POSSIBLE HEALTH AND ENVIRONMENTAL DILEMMA  New findings in health research are a primary driver in the change of nutritional content of composite foods, cooking methods, and nutrient additions. Numerous examples from the last 20 years demonstrate the symbiotic relationship between science and the food industry including a reduction of saturated fats in foods.  

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