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Determining potato price drivers: a statistical modelling approach

Potato fresh produce prices on South African markets can vary significantly depending on seasonality and the specific market under consideration. Qualitative characteristics (like potato class, size and packaging size) and even the potato cultivar or variety offered can also play a role. BFAP undertook a hedonic price modelling study to inform industry stakeholders on the key

Employment Brief 2022 Q3

In this BFAP quarterly employment brief we highlight the agricultural job performance for the 3rd quarter of 2022. Although different surveys, such as the QLFS and the Agricultural Survey paint somewhat contrasting pictures, BFAP unpacks the reasons why we see the agricultural labour market as still robust and strong.   Click here to read more.

Perspectives on Agriculture’s GDP performance in Q3 2022

South Africa’s agricultural GDP rose by 22.3% year on year in the third quarter of 2022 – a correction from the sharp decline in Q2 due to the delayed maize harvest. This publication contextualises the latest release of GDP  statistics by StatsSA and provides insights on the major factors driving agriculture’s contribution to GDP. Find the brief

Food Inflation Brief – October 2022

Year-on-year inflation on Food and Non-alcoholic beverages gained further momentum in October 2022, with a 0.9% increase from September 2022. Food inflation was mainly driven by price increases in grain-based foods and meat followed by vegetable oil products. Download here to read the full brief. 

Integrated monitoring evaluation – December 2022

Monitoring and evaluation (M&E) should not be seen as something that is done at the end of an initiative or programme to report on historic performance but rather a tool to provide real time information and insights that enable efficient and effective decision making to drive future sustainability and impact. In this brief, BFAP introduces

Soybean yield loss calculator 2022

BFAP was appointed by the Oilseeds Advisory Committee (OAC) to repeat the soybean calculator app roll out first developed in 2021. The team visited a dedicated study group of farmers who collaborated in measuring Soybean Yield losses during the 2022 harvesting season, with special focus on higher moisture content harvesting.   Download the report summarising outcomes here

Decarbonisation, Net Zero and Agriculture – October 2022

Agricultural has the ability to play a significant role in value chain decarbonisation and in reducing poverty by improving food security and creating sustainable jobs – all critical objectives within the Global Sustainable Development Goals. In this brief BFAP provides an overview to its systematic framework and approach to identifying and prioritising agricultural initiatives that

BFAP Baseline 2022

Access the Baseline 2022 publication through the BFAP Baseline Site. Click Here to download

Food Inflation Brief – September 2022

Year-on-year inflation on Food and Non-alcoholic beverages gained significant further momentum in September 2022, with a 0.5% increase from August 2022. As in previous months, food inflation was mainly driven by price increases in grain-based foods followed by meat. Download here to read the full brief. 

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