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Bureau for Food and Agricultural Policy

  • Food Security and Household Welfare Analysis

    Food affordability speaks to the issue of food security, specifically for low-income households. In light of the 2012-2013 farm worker strikes and minimum wage debates in South Africa, BFAP extended its consumer focus to analyse the impact of different wage rates on household food security, specifically from a nutritional vantage point. A team of qualified nutritionists were consulted to compile a series of balanced food plates...

  • Food Consumption Trend Analysis

    The profile and dynamics of the South African consumer market analyses consumer wealth by looking at the different Living Measurement Standards (LSM) classes in South Africa and class mobility of consumers between these classes. Global food trend analysis includes the identification and discussion of current issues, such as convenience and indulgence, whereas the local focus tends to analyse how local trends correspond to the identified global trends. Ad hoc research on issues, such as consumers’ perception of food quality, also forms part of BFAP’s consumer focus...

  • Farm Level Analysis

    The BFAP farm-level analysis program was established with the main objective to assist agribusinesses and farm businesses with strategic decision-making under changing and uncertain market conditions. This is done by means of advanced quantitative analyses of how different policy options, macroeconomic variables, and volatile commodity market conditions could impact upon farm businesses in selected production regions in South Africa. The BFAP farm-level analysis program includes economic analysis of the production of grain, oilseed, livestock, wine, fruit, sugar, and vegetables...

The Bureau for Food and Agricultural Policy has recently signed Memorandom of Understanding (MoU) documents between

  • BFAP and DAFF (Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries),
  • BFAP and StatsSA (Statistics South Africa) and
  • BFAP and Fort Hare University. 

The Bureau is looking forward to collaboration with the above mentioned institutions.

We congratulate two of our BFAP Team members:  Divan van der Westhuizen and Lindsay Trapnell; the authors of the article titled:

How do we compare with "down under"?

This article has been awarded the best article for the month of February by the GrainSA magazine and stands a chance to win the best article of the year. Click Here to download the article.


Every year Grain SA presents an Inspiration Award at the Grain Producer of the Year Function. This award is presented to individuals or organisations in appreciation of their excellent contributions to the grain industry, who excelled to achieve extraordinary results in their respective fields and to those who inspired the industry to be more competitive in their commitment to excellence.

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BFAP Baselines

Download the  BFAP Baseline 2015 here 



Download the  ReNAPRI
Baseline 2014 here



Recent Reports

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