With 15-years of generating intelligence for the agro-food industry, BFAP prides itself on partnering with private and public sector stakeholders, to inform relevant issues. Our objective is to produce rigorous analyses, through a network of multi-disciplinary analysts, to support (your) strategic and operational decision-making.

Covid-19 Food System Impact



Farm and Resource Analytics

In a changing and uncertain environment, we generate actionable insights through continuous collection, contextualisation and integration of farm- and agro-resource data. Our positioning within the BFAP suite of models provides insight into farm sustainability under various future scenarios. Substantive value is generated through our in-depth understanding of the interdependence between agro-resources and input-output markets, farming systems and the business domain.

Divan van der Westhuizen
Kandas Cloete
Pieter Arnold Smit

Consumer and Food Economics

We generate and refine a host of consumer-focused market intelligence, to inform pertinent business and policy decisions. Our offering includes an in-depth view on consumption and retail food price data and how this relates to perceptions, behaviour and trends.

We contribute to valuable data insights, generated with the BFAP system of models, by extending on-farm and sectoral impacts to changes in food consumption behaviour and vice versa.

Hester Vermeulen
Taaibah Miller

Agri-Socio Economics

As thought leaders, we facilitate the conceptualisation of frameworks that enable planning and ensure successful implementation of development initiatives in public and private spheres. Through a holistic, scalable, systemised methodology, we enable project implementation and progress monitoring and independently assess and evaluate direct and indirect impacts on livelihoods.

Sandy Jackson
Marnus Gouse
Lulama Traub
Lianda Louw

Commodity Markets and Foresight

In the dynamic agricultural market space, we inform strategic decision making through quantitative modelling, combined with exclusive insights from our commodity specialists and enduring industry partners. This holistic combination of qualitative and quantitative techniques allows us to develop scenarios and evaluate a range of future outcomes. This, in turn, allows us to identify opportunities for growth and investment, evaluate risk, and assess impacts of changes in the macro-economic, business and policy environment.

Tracy Davids
Mmatlou Kalaba (Collaborator)
Khanimamba Hlungwani
Dipuo Boshomane

Value Chain Analytics

We feature a holistic market-led approach which combines classic value chain frameworks with empirical models that are anchored in pragmatic ground-truthing. Product flows and margins at farm, agro-processing and retail level link into farm, sector and economy-wide models with a spatial lens to enable the evaluation of various scenarios, value chain upgrades and optimization outcomes. This framework generates granular insights which guide actionable policy and investment decisions.

Tinashe Kapuya
Ferdi Meyer
Helga Otterman

Data Science and Systems Integration

Our data scientists, statisticians and analysts distil information and insights from vast amounts of diverse data sources. We develop creative (innovative) solutions through the application of econometric, statistical and spatial analytics tools. This offering is extended through IVIS which draws on our data and insights to offer strategic decision-making-support through integration of data, interactive maps, visualisation and systems-solutions.

Marion Delport
Gerhard van den Burgh
Tatenda Mutungira
Albert van Niekerk
Jodie Hatting
Wiltrud du Randt

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