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Food Inflation Brief – September 2021

This report gives an overview of food inflation dynamics, its associated causes and the cost of basic healthy eating for September 2021.

  • Inflation on food and non-alcoholic beverages for September 2021 was higher than expected, recorded at 6.6% (0.3 percentage points lower than in August 2021), following an increasing trend observed from February 2021.
  • Oils / fats (+22.4% year-on-year) and meat (+10.3%) exhibited the most significant inflation among food categories, as was the case in August 2021.
  • Numerous driving factors highlighted in our previous inflation briefs remain relevant, such as high global commodity prices, high red meat prices on the back of lower slaughter numbers, exchange rate weakening and rising input costs.
  • The cost of the BFAP Thrifty Healthy Food Basket amounted to R2 864 in September 2021 for the reference family of 2 adults and 2 children (-2.5% lower than in August 2021).

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