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BFAP Baseline 2019

  Final Baseline 2019

Africa Agricultural Status Report 2019

BFAP researchers in collaboration with various colleagues recently published a chapter in AGRA’s Africa Agricultural Status Report 2019, entitled “Avoid Hitting the Wall by Leveraging Investments of Midstream Heroes in African Food Value Chains.” This chapter leverages market analyses and value chain work that BFAP has been doing for many years on the African continent. Read […]

Watter Veranderings Kan die Volgende Tien Jaar in die Aartappelbedryf Plaasvind?

Vir elke landboubedryf bestaan daar ‘n reeks kerndrywers of fundamentele faktore wat die rigting van ‘n bedryf kan
bepaal. Daar kan ook ‘n onderskeid getref word tussen drywers wat ‘n bedryf oor die korttermyn beïnvloed en die meer langtermyn strategiese drywers.

Competitiveness of Local Grain and Oilseeds Industries on the Global Market

Globalisation is becoming more of a reality, not only in the industrial sector, but also closer to home in the agricultural industry. It can be seen in the consolidation of input suppliers and the effect of international prices on local ones.

Competitiveness of the South African Broiler Industry

March 25, 2019

This report benchmarks the efficiency of  South-African broiler producers. It considers terms technical efficiency and production cost in SA relative to other leading producers globally. Read more here.  

Food Inflation in South Africa

August 23, 2018

With rapid exchange rate depreciation and an uncertain political climate in South Africa, BFAP explores food price trends over the next three months. Read more

Agri Benchmark

Farmers across the world are annually faced with new challenges from a production, input and market perspective. Uncertain weather conditions caused some major shifts in supply patterns.

Food Inflation in 2020Q1 and beyond

February 24, 2020

Food inflation for January 2020 was recorded at 3.7%. For more on what we expect for the rest of the quarter read here.

Reflections on Mechanization Trends in Africa

This piece documents discussions on recent trends on mechanization in Africa held at a workshop session on agro-industrial transformation as a driver for employment generation, food security and rural development in Africa which took place at the 6th African Conference of Agricultural Economists in Abuja, Nigeria in September 2019. Read more.

Fruit Journal

Agriculture and food face dynamic, complex and interconnected risks that potentially threaten the supply of raw materials and the reputation of brands. NSF’s Responsible Sourcing services assist clients in addressing food security and brand reputation risks by building sustainable, resilient, secure supply chains as well as by demonstrating environmental and socially responsible sourcing practices.

Perspectives on Agriculture’s GDP performance in Q3 2020

December 9, 2020

South Africa’s seasonally adjusted and annualised GDP increased by 66.1% in the third quarter of 2020, owing to the easing of Covid-19 restrictions. Although this represents a major recovery, following a 51.7% decline in quarter 2, overall growth for the first 3 quarters of 2020 remains subdued with a -7.9% contraction compared to the first […]

Food Inflation in 2019Q4 and beyond

October 25, 2019

Benign food inflation, as experienced in early 2019, seems to gaining momentum on the back of higher commodity prices and a weaker exchange rate. These factors are also expected to support inflationary trends going into the new year. Read more.

Competitiveness of South African Broiler Production

Poultry is a critical subsector within South African agriculture, as the single largest contributor to gross agricultural production value. Its contribution is further amplified through substantial up- and downstream multiplier effects associated with a long, integrated value chain. In 2015, 40% of total animal feed consumption in South Africa was attributed to broiler production (AFMA, 2016).

Die Impak van Mieliepryse op Aartappelaanplantings

Verlede jaar het twee artikels in CHIPS verskyn om moontlike scenarios random aanplantings en markpryse vir 2011 te skets. Die BFAP aartappel bedryfsmodel het die scenarios gesimuleer.

Wat Hou die Volgende Dekade vir die Aartappelbedryf in?

Vir elke landboubedryf bestaan daar ‘n reeks van kerndrywers, of anders gestel fundamentele faktore, wat die rigting van ‘n bedryf kan bepaal. Daar kan ook ‘n onderskeid getref word tussen drywers wat ‘n bedryf oor die korttermyn beïnvloed en die meer langtermyn strategiese drywers.

Press Release – 2017 Competitiveness Study

April 3, 2019

Read our latest press release on the competitiveness of the South African broiler industry here.

Measuring the Competitive Performance of the South African Stone Fruit Industry

The aim of the study is to enquire about the global competitive performance of the South African stone fruit industry for the period 1961 – 2012.

Kan Insetinflasie Toekomstige Finansiële Marges onder Druk Sit?

Dit is alombekend dat ’n kosteknyptang-effek in die landbousektor teenwoordig is wat impliseer dat produkpryse oor tyd stadiger styg as die pryse van landbou-insette.

The Agri Benchmark Initiative: International and Local Potato Production

Due to changes in price relations of arable crops, the profitability of crops has been shifting throughout the world. Crop rotations and cropping systems are being put to the test!

Perspectives on Q2 GDP release

September 5, 2018

One of the key sectors that contributed to the second successive quarterly decline was agriculture. Download this one-pager to read more about the factors influencing agriculture’s performance.

The Benefits of Using Certified, Virus-tested, True-to-type Plant Material

The benefits to the primary fruit producers of establishing orchards and vineyards of certified, virus-tested, true-to-type plant material are not well understood. This article summarises the results of a research project which assessed the lifetime economic and non-economic benefits for fresh stone and pome fruit orchards, table and raisin grape vineyards, as well as canning peach orchards in South Africa (Midgley and Vermeulen, 2015; Midgley et al., 2015 and 2016).

Die Relatiewe Winsgewendheid van Aartapples met Spesifieke Verwysing na die Oos-Vrystaat

Vir ‘n geruime tyd al ontwikkel die Buro vir Voedsel en Landboubeleid(BFAP) toekomsprojeksies verskeie bedrywe in Suid-Afrikaanse land-bou.

Agri Leaders

Humanity faces some tough challenges in the 21st century. By 2050, we’ll reach ‘peak population’ with more than 9 billion people. That’s a quarter more mouths to feed with ever scarcer resources. We’ll be much older on average, which means that ageing nations in the Americas, Asia and Europe will become increasingly reliant on a shrinking proportion of young workers. And three out of four people will live in cities, a massive demographic shift that
will force governments to create more efficient and affordable solutions for the
delivery of clean water, sanitation and other essential services.

Hester Vermeulen on RSG – Praat Saam

Hester Vermeulen particpates in a talk on the affordability of healthy eating in South Africa. Listen here.

An Overview of a Breeding and Technology Levy Collection System for SA

October 23, 2018

Investment into seed research is vital for a sustainable and competitive agricultural sector. In this context, this overview looks at the importance of a breeding and technology levy for wheat, barley and soybeans in South Africa.  View the summary  report here

Palm Oil

New findings in health research are a primary driver in the change of nutritional content of composite foods, cooking methods, and nutrient additions.

Food Inflation in 2019Q2 and 2019Q3

May 27, 2019

This report covers recent trends and a food inflation outlook over the next three months. Read report.

‘n Basislyn vir die Suid-Afrikaanse Aartappelbedryf

Die simulasie model wat deur die Buro vir Voedsel en Landboubeleid (BFAP) in samewerking met Aartapples Suid-Afrika vir die Suid-Afrikaanse aartapplebedryf ontwikkel is.

The Impact of Increasing Fuel, Labour and Electricity Expenditure on the Sustainability of Agriculture

Recent months have seen significant upward pressure in input costs in the potato industry. Some of these costs are considered as being administrative costs.

Vooruitsigte vir die komende seisoene

Die droogte en relatief hoë temparature van 2016 het tot gevolg gehad dat verskeie komoditeitspryse relatief hoë vlakke gerealiseer het, veral die van aartappels en mielies wat beide rekortpryse behaal het.

Perspectives on agriculture’s performance in Q3 2019

December 5, 2019

BFAP estimates that agriculture contracted by 8.9% on a year-on-year basis. Read this one-pager for some more details and context behind this contraction. Download Here.