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The Bureau for Food and Agricultural Policy (BFAP), founded in 2004, is a non-profit organisation. BFAP exists with the distinct purpose to objectively inform and support decision-making by stakeholders in the agro-food, fibre and beverage sectors of Africa. It provides independent, rigorously tested, research-based market and policy analyses. BFAP consists of a network of 45 employees, including associates and researchers at universities spanning the African continent. BFAP has developed a firm reputation of delivering upon its commitment of informing and supporting decision makers in government, industry bodies, NGO’s, and private sector. We collaborate with various internationally recognised institutions including the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), the Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO), the Food and Agricultural Policy Research Institute (FAPRI) and the BER (Bureau for Economic Research). BFAP is also a founding partner in the Regional Network of Agricultural Policy Research Institutes (ReNAPRI) in Eastern and Southern Africa.

BFAP’s vision and mission is to:
  • undertake unbiased, scientifically rigorous and industry relevant research;
  • generate research outputs and solutions guided by market based requirements and scenarios in order to drive sustainable commodity and food production and improve food security;
  • support capacity development through postgraduate research at the associated Universities and other ; and
  • publish research outputs with the associated Universities in peer reviewed journals as well as respected valid popular media.